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„Trampoline“– Supportive housing for young adults in Poland

© Habitat for Humanity Poland
© Habitat for Humanity Poland

Between three and four years, young adults in Poland have to wait for an affordable roof over their heads, right after they had to leave the orphanage they grew up in at the age of 18. Mostly poorly educated and without the necessary skills to lead an autonomous life, only a few possibilities present themselves to be chosen from. Quite often the (social) orphans find themselves in difficult circumstances they tried to escape from or even become homeless.

Jointly with Habitat for Humanity Poland and the Centre for Juvenile Social Reintegration (CJSR), the H. Stepic CEE Charity initiated a project in Warsaw, where young people are accompanied as long as they are able to live on their own. In order to do so, we refurbished an apartment building’s attic into seven single flats, in which they not only bridge the time they have to wait for their own flat. For instance, they learn how to manage a limited budget, which also means how to live energy- and resource-saving, and what it means to lead a responsible life. Special attention is directed at job trainings, for which the CJSR cooperates with various companies and vocational schools.

The goal is to attend the 25 young people, who stem from difficult circumstances and grew up in orphanages, on their way to autonomy and convey o them a positive outlook of their future.