Our projects are intended to give the beneficiaries a perspective

We choose our projects carefully and ensure that help arrives where it is needed the most. We monitor the progress of each project with the support of our partners on the spot and regularly receive reporting updates on the project status. By integrating the Raiffeisen network, the H. Stepic CEE Charity guarantees that the needed help arrives quickly, directly and in an unbureaucratic way.

The voluntary commitment of many Raiffeisen employees worldwide makes it possible that the Charity has no administrative expenses and all of the raised money is passed directly to our charitable projects.

All projects are handled with the utmost respect towards our beneficiaries and take all local needs into consideration.
We continue to work intensively on new projects to give hope and the chance for a better life.

Every donation is welcome - even small contributions can make a big change and improve the situation for children, adolescents and women in the respective CEE country.

Warming your heart step by step - Winter boots for Pskov's orphans (New)

Winter in Pskov is long and especially cold, minus 30°C not a rare thing. For the children of five orphanages in the Russian region, those temperatures turn the way to school into a constant challenge. Without the necessary footgear they could not make it. With a small contribution, we managed a heartwarming winter wonder! 500 pair of winter boots make it possible for the little ones to go to class.


Pottery as Therapy (New)

Both the tense political and social situation as well as the still ongoing conflict in the country's eastern part are the reasons why many Ukrainians can only hardly sustain themselves anymore. The socially disaadvantaged are hit very hard and especially for disabled children it is worse than ever before.


Laughter as therapy - Jointly with RED NOSES through Ukraine

Just in time for the International Day of Charity on 5 September, we ventured on new territory. For more than two weeks, we let the RED NOSES Clowndoctors International tour through our focus country Ukraine, where they played, worked and above all laughed with our fosterlings.

© Centre for Youth Integration

Puzzling the support - Get kids into preschool!

For many families living in poverty in Serbia, it is often impossible to let their children attend preschool, even though this is stipulated by law. The consequences are grave especially for members of minorities: their mother tongue is not Serbian, which is why they are at a disadvantage right from the start. Many (approx. one third) drop out of school early, and therefore have a hard time finding a job. Unfortunately, life on the street is often predestined.

© Habitat for Humanity Poland

„Trampoline“– Supportive housing for young adults in Poland

Between three and four years, young adults in Poland have to wait for an affordable roof over their heads, right after they had to leave the orphanage they grew up in at the age of 18. Mostly poorly educated and without the necessary skills to lead an autonomous life, only a few possibilities present themselves to be chosen from. Quite often the (social) orphans find themselves in difficult circumstances they tried to escape from or even become homeless.