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H. Stepic CEE Charity on official list of charitable organisations in Austria

The H. Stepic CEE Charity - association to support charitable projects in Central and Eastern Europe - has been added to the official list of charitable organisations (kept by the Austrian Ministry of Finance) on December 10th, 2010. The corresponding registration number is SO 1630 (

The entry into the above mentioned list enables people who make donations to H. Stepic CEE Charity to deduct these amounts tax deductable according to Austrian income tax law (details see Sec 4a lit 3 Austrian Income Tax Act). The tax deduction exists in the range of up to 10 per cent of the income/profit of the preceding financial year. This tax benefit is available for legal persons (for them as business or income-related expenses) as well as for private persons (for them as special deductions), who already made such donations since 10th December 2010 or will spend money in the future. The only condition at the donator’s level is to hold appropriate documents including the name of H. Stepic CEE Charity in its role as the money collecting organisation, name and address of the donator as well as the amount of the particular donation. Basically any confirmation regarding the payment itself (e.g. transfer vouchers or payment confirmation slips) is deemed as a qualified document for tax purposes, except if the corresponding tax authority demands a more precise proof (e.g., a donation confirmation issued by H. Stepic CEE Charity). If necessary, H. Stepic CEE Charity is pleased to send a donation confirmation at the request of the donator.

Much more information about the relevant taxable circumstances and consequences of donations for charitable purposes as well as about development aid and disaster help are available on the homepage of the Austrian Ministry under the following link: 

All information without guarantee; H. Stepic CEE cannot be held liable for completeness and correctness of this information."