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H. Stepic CEE Charity
H. Stepic CEE Charity

The H. Stepic CEE Charity was founded in 2006 by Herbert Stepic, former CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI).

The association promotes and supports especially children and women in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), who suffer from social, economic and health-related problems. Urgent external help is direly needed above all in crisis regions such as eastern Ukraine, but also many rural areas, e.g. in Southeastern Europe, are still marked by bitter poverty.

The H. Stepic CEE Charity is deeply rooted in Central and Eastern Europe and follows a very pragmatic approach. It can therefore improve the supported groups' living conditions and provide them with a new perspective for their lives. Among others, it provides children and young people with a sheltered home in a family-like environment, implements educational projects for street children or builds the basis for self-reliance of young people by providing access to educational and vocational training.

All Charity projects are implemented in cooperation with local or international partner organizations. They are taken care of voluntarily by RBI-staff members in Vienna and its Central and Eastern European network. Administrative costs can therefore be reduced to a minimum, and all financial donations go directly into the projects.

You can find all information about our operating principle and cooperation partners here.


Executive Board

Herbert Stepic (Chairman)
Friedrich Sommer (Vice Chairman)
Christine Anwander-Hirsch (Secretary)
Gregor Höpler (Treasurer)
Joseph Eberle
Peter Lennkh
Golnaz Miremadi


Gregor Hofstadler
Werner Kaltenbrunner


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