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Ein Kind hält die Hand eines Erwachsenen

Helping people to help themselves - for a better life in CEE

We foster and support socially disadvantaged children, young people and women in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Our focus is on education as the most sustainable investment in the future.

Lighthouse projects

The CEE Charity supports numerous important projects in the CEE countries. With our lighthouse projects, we want to give you an idea of our work.

About the CEE Charity

We are a Corporate Volunteering Initiative of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI)

Kinder lernen eifrig in einer Schule

Our Vision

Our motto: “Helping people to help themselves”. We help people to sustainably lead an independent and financially self-sufficient life.

Frau umarmt ein Kind liebevoll

Our Projects

Our main focus is on social and educational projects for women and children. We ensure that the aid goes where it is most urgently needed.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Spende

Our Donors

Every contribution from our sponsors helps children, young people and families in Central and Eastern Europe and supports people in need on their way to a self-determined life.

Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und Spenden

Tax-deductible donation

As an association that supports charitable projects in Central and Eastern Europe, donations to us are tax-deductible in Austria.

Our successes so far

over 100 projects

12 countries

over 6.8 million Euro donations

for 18 years

Karte mit europäischen Ländern und Betriebsgebieten

Our Footprint

As CEE Charity, we are active in the same region as Raiffeisen Bank International. In other words, in the 12 markets in CEE where there are RBI network banks. Russia and Belarus have therefore been among the countries in which we have been able to support orphanages, schools, kindergartens and many children and their mothers since the beginning of our involvement. Since February 2022, however, we have not accepted any new projects and have let the existing ones expire on the agreed dates.

Gruppe von Menschen, die im Gras lächeln und posieren

Our Team

Our team of dedicated RBI Group employees in Vienna and at many Central and Eastern European locations manages all projects on a voluntary basis.

Bastelsitzung mit Menschen am Tisch

Letter from the founder

The CEE Charity was founded in 2006 by Herbert Stepic, the former CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International. Read more about what motivated him to do so.

Letter of the Founder

Individuals gather around a table, enjoying a crafting session facilitated by Stepic Charity CEE.

Dear friends and supporters,

As a successful manager of a bank, who spent his childhood in simple circumstances in post-war Austria, I know that happiness does not only depend on money and possessions. I also know, however, that the alleviation of material suffering contributes substantially to increasing quality of life, zest for life and life expectancy. By founding a non-profit association, I wish to make a contribution towards eliminating these hurdles.

Central and Eastern Europe is a region that has undergone massive changes in recent years. The Austrian economy was quick to recognize the opportunities that these changes offered. Raiffeisen Bank International has gained a reputation as a pioneer in Eastern Europe and has built up an excellent market position in the region. I have had the privilege of being able to significantly shape and oversee this development process.

Naturally, the evolution and convergence of the region did not only produce winners. The transition from centrally controlled economies to market economies demanded an excessive degree of flexibility from many people. Among the losers have been those that are socially disadvantaged – as is so often the case women, children and adolescents.

My professional career has largely been built as a result of the emergence of CEE, and from this I have enjoyed many positive experiences. I have been impressed by the region´s cultural diversity and have enjoyed being  closely involved with the people of the region as well as with many of the challenges that they have address. This corner of the world has greatly enriched my life. Therefore, on the occasion of my 60th birthday, I made it my goal to help disadvantaged persons in the region and founded the Stepic CEE Charity. With the generous support of many donors and members, my association has been able to establish numerous projects in the region. However, further outreach requires continuous funding and thus, fundraising.

Please help us help those who cannot speak for themselves and who have been left alone on the edge. Your support is much appreciated and provides those affected with a greater chance in life.

With many thanks in advance for your ongoing trust and support.

Yours gratefully,
Herbert Stepic

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