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Gruppe von Menschen, die im Gras lächeln und posieren

Our Team

Our team works on a voluntary basis for the CEE Charity and RBI enables its employees to support the CEE Charity during their working hours as part of a corporate volunteering program.

Board of the association

Dr. Herbert Stepic


Mag. Andreas Gschwenter

Deputy Chairman

A professional portrait of Mag. Valerie Brunner

Mag. Valerie Brunner

Board Member

A professional portrait of Dr. Andrii Stepanenko

Dr. Andrii Stepanenko

Board Member

Dr. Christine Anwander-Hirsch


Mag. Gregor Höpler


Mag. Golnaz Miremadi

Secretary General


Mag. Gregor Hofstadler
Mag. Werner Kaltenbrunner

How we work

It is very important to us to devote constant attention to each of our projects throughout their entire duration in order to be able to respond optimally to individual requirements or unplanned developments. In this way, we ensure that each of our projects meets our high standards and that the resources we use are put to the best possible and sustainable use. The implementation of a project takes place in several stages.

In principle, any NGO can submit a project proposal to the Charity, provided it corresponds to our field of activity. This is then checked to see whether it can be realized financially, in terms of time and, above all, sustainably. We do not cover any administrative costs, but only expenses that directly benefit the people we support. Furthermore, our projects are subject to strict content requirements in order to ensure the seriousness of our work and to guarantee that the donations actually reach the people in need of protection and that the sustainability of the projects is ensured. Accordingly, every project proposal undergoes a comprehensive compliance check.

After approval by the association's board, a volunteer project manager takes over the implementation of the project together with the project partner.

Our project managers are in constant contact with the local managers in order to be informed of all developments and, if necessary, to be able to react to unexpected challenges at an early stage. This is how we ensure that projects run successfully.

Colleagues from the entire RBI network are regularly involved in the projects as part of corporate volunteering activities, for example in the form of targeted fundraising campaigns, Christmas initiatives or by providing concrete support to the charity office, e.g. with research activities or tax matters. In addition, the charity receives significant support from the RBI Management Board, for example through the assumption of patronage.

At the end of the project, all results and progress achieved are recorded in a report. On the basis of this report, we examine whether and to what extent a sustainable continuation of the project with any adjustments is possible and sensible. In principle, we are very interested in long-term cooperation with our partners, and it is therefore a priority for us to further develop existing initiatives before taking on new projects.

The project objectives are already defined in the assessment phase in consultation with the respective partner. It is also clearly defined what the funding is to be used for. During the project term, our partners are obliged to keep us regularly informed about current developments.

Your donation counts