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A touching scene of a man and woman holding a child as another child happily plays with a toy.

Our Projects

All our projects are implemented with respect for the beneficiaries and are geared towards local needs. The voluntary commitment of many Raiffeisen employees makes it possible that hardly any administrative costs are incurred and the proceeds from donations flow directly into our charitable projects.

Our Projects

A diverse group of students engaged in learning, sitting at desks in a classroom.

A safe haven for Ukrainian children

Our lighthouse project - in cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine, we support schools, kindergartens and other social institutions to give children in Ukraine a sense of normal life.

A diverse group of people passionately writing around a table, supporting Stepic Charity CEE's mission.

Ready for high school

Casa Bună helps children from low-income and educationally disadvantaged families in Romania to transfer to high school.

A child supported by charity skillfully counts using an abacus, enhancing their mathematical abilities.

Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo

We have been supporting Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo since fall 2023. Here, 600 young people from disadvantaged population groups are given the chance of an education.

A heartwarming image of a child holding hands with a person, showing care and support.

The path to a new life

In this project, children and mothers at risk are looked after, supported in their school education and offered psychological support.

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