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Any person or company can become a member, donate regularly or make a one-off donation - but one thing always remains the same: your help alleviates the suffering of people in need in CEE. Your money offers children, young people and women the chance of a better life.

Your help arrives safely

With your donation you support women and children in CEE

CEE Charity is using a 3rd party provider, called RaiseNow, to process donations. You will be forwarded to their platform.

About the CEE Charity

We are a Corporate Volunteering Initiative of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI)

A young girl supported by Stepic Charity CEE writes passionately in a book, highlighting the joy of learning.

Become a member

As a member, you not only support children, young people and women in CEE, but also become part of our community.

A graphic informing that donations to Stepic Charity CEE are tax deductible in Austria.

Our Donors

Every contribution from our sponsors helps children, young people and families in Central and Eastern Europe and supports people in need on their way to a self-determined life.

A young girl sits holding a teddy bear, receiving support from Stepic Charity CEE.

Our Vision

Our motto: “Helping people to help themselves”. We help people to sustainably lead an independent and financially self-sufficient life.

A thank you message in German with information about tax-deductible donations.

All donations are tax deductible

All donations to the CEE Charity are tax-deductible in Austria as business expenses (up to 10% of the current financial year's profit) or special expenses (up to 10% of the current calendar year's income).

A German-language graphic informing that donations are tax deductible.

CEE Charity

The CEE Charity transmits the annual amount of donations from private assets to the tax office in compliance with data protection regulations, so that donors no longer have to include the amount in their tax return. For this purpose, donors must provide the recipient organization with their first and last name and date of birth. Find out more here.

Your donation helps