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A caring woman embraces a child in her arms, symbolizing the support provided for kids in need.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors include both companies and private individuals. They come from Austria, Western Europe and CEE. They all have one thing in common: they want to alleviate suffering and help people to lead a self-determined life.

Supporters of the CEE Charity

We would like to thank our many sponsors for their great support, some of whom have given us the opportunity to mention them explicitly here.

This logo represents Raiffeisen Bank International, a prominent financial institution known for its extensive banking services and support for community development.
Logo of Merck Family Foundation. This logo represents the esteemed Merck Family Foundation, a key partner and supporter of various philanthropic efforts and community-focused projects.
The MET logo symbolizes innovation and commitment to excellence, reflecting the values and contributions of the MET organization in various sectors.
The logo of Mid Europa Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on investments in Central and Eastern Europe, showcasing their brand identity and regional influence.
The logo of XXXLutz, a well-known furniture retail company, signifying their brand presence and commitment to providing quality home furnishings.

Every donation counts