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A diverse group of individuals sitting around a table engrossed in writing with Stepic CEE Charity helping kids.

School readiness: Ready for high school

Romania has the highest school dropout rate in the EU. The Casa Bună association works with at-risk children in Romania to enable them to transition to a high school.

Key points

45 children

completion of primary school

tutoring in Romanian and Mathematics

study groups

study camps

state standard examination

A group of children at a table working on papers, with Stepic CEE Charity helping and supporting teens.

Education pays off

In Romania, school children must pass a challenging standard examination in Romanian language/literature and mathematics at the end of the 8th grade to be admitted to a secondary school. The children cannot afford expensive tutoring, and their parents also come from low educational backgrounds. Almost all the children under care are the first in their families to attend secondary school. In some cases, the parents are abroad, in prison, or struggling with substance abuse.


  • Start September 2023
  • students from 7th and 8th grades
  • tutoring twice a week
  • both online and in person
  • 16 small groups
  • 22 experienced volunteer tutors
  • educational camps in February and at Easter
  • total budget: 22,850 euros (50% CEE Charity and 50% Raiffeisen Romania)
A group of children at a table writing on a whiteboard, inspired and supported by Stepic CEE Charity.

Scholarships to motivate

The children are guided through the complex process of registering for the national standard examination and selecting a secondary school. At the end of June, the children take the exam. In July, Casa Bună awards scholarships to the most successful students to cover the costs of starting school, clothing, books, and transportation.

Casa Bună has enrolled both 7th and 8th-grade students in the tutoring program. Those starting from 7th grade receive two years of preparatory tutoring focused on fundamental Romanian and mathematical concepts.

Qualified volunteer tutors:
To accommodate the additional students, Casa Bună has expanded the tutoring team, recruiting experienced and qualified volunteer tutors within and beyond the communities.

Program coordinator:
There is a full-time program coordinator responsible for preparing and organizing the program. Their tasks include regular contact with participating students and their families, as well as the volunteer tutoring team; curriculum and material preparation; curriculum and material preparation; program schedule preparation; organizing monthly visits to students in rural communities and educational camps.

Motivation system:
All available means are utilized to increase students’ motivation. While students are aware of their educational deficiencies and need for support, they lack the discipline to work towards long-term goals. 
Scholarships are awarded to those who achieve the best performance in the program to boost motivation.

Hybrid program:
In-person meetings with the children motivate them to participate in online sessions and remain in the program throughout the period. Therefore, monthly visits to rural communities and educational camps are organized.

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