International Children's Day 2016

Like many years before, we are happy to have celebrated the International Children’s Day together with our fosterlings. On June 1st, more than 140 countries worldwide call attention to the way too many children who still suffer from poverty and violence. Since nearly ten years, the stated goal of the Charity is to support children and adolescents in need in Central- and Eastern Europe. Along with many colleagues from the Banking Units we took the chance to allow them some carefree moments on behalf of this day. Down below a few highlights.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

For the 10th time already, the Kid's Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which attracts up to 40.000 visitors yearly, took place. Between June 3rd and 6th, our colleagues in Sarajevo arranged a H. Stepic CEE Charity-corner, where they painted pictures and played exciting games with the kids, many of them from our projects nearby. Children who excelled at the various competitions got presents around "Raff the giraffe", both the Raiffeisenbank children's mascott and official symbol of the festival.


42 "Hercules"-children never ceased to be amazed in the Romanian royal family's gardens. Some enjoyed to dress up and be made up as princesses, the others sabbled in swordfights and Karate. After the party, a big surprise waited for the children: a boat tour at the biggest park in Bukarest, which was the first time on the water for them. On June 1st, officially International Children’s Day, they were also given a lot of toys.


The childrens of the orphanage in Bohodukjiv (new project 2016 - details will follow) had a lot of fun as they jointly danced and sang with the youth theatregroup "Madrigal". Our colleagues from Raiffeisen Bank Aval had organized a successful afternoon für its dwellers. The theatre- and singingperformances conjured smiles on the little ones' faces, who will not forget about this day in a long time. 


The "Sure Beginning"-children enjoyed the boat tour at the danube very much, especially as they got the captain's permission to take the wheel for a while. Accompanying a delicious lunch, the kids had a chance to marvel at the sightseeings along the waterfront. To conclude the educational and successful day, they visited the Centre of Scientific Wonders. 

These examples reflect the Charitiy's approach: to provide help via care, meals and shelters, as well as games and fun. None of these should be missed in any life.