Warming your heart step by step - Winter boots for Pskov's orphans

Winter in Pskov is long and especially cold, minus 30°C not a rare thing. For the children of five orphanages in the Russian region, those temperatures turn the way to school into a constant challenge. Without the necessary footgear they could not make it. With a small contribution, we managed a heartwarming winter wonder! 500 pair of winter boots make it possible for the little ones to go to class.

Most people cannot even imagine that children are not able to go to school or play outside just because they lack the necessary footwear. We made exactly that possible for a lot of the orphans in Pskov with only a relatively small effort. Fortunately, they can attend school now”, says Sanin Merdzan, RBI-staff and manager of this project, gladly.

If you care about the fate of the little Pskovians, too, do not hesitate and help us. If we combine our efforts, we are able to help even more children next winter!